We charge competitive rates. Hourly rates may differ depending on the level of expertise required for the work or the complexity and financial risks of the project. If we think that you may obtain better advice or services elsewhere or for a better price, we will tell you. We aim to provide you with an accurate fee estimate before we start our work in order to permit you to control your legal spend. We are happy to discuss alternative fee arrangements.
Work which is predictable in scope and time spent can be done against a fixed fee, such as the incorporation of a conventional company and the intra-group issue and transfer of shares. For more extensive projects, such as the formation of a fund structure with appropriate fund documentation, including fund terms and conditions and a prospectus, we can agree on fixed or capped fees.



All office costs are included in the hourly rates and no surcharge will be charged. Costs incurred by us from third parties will be invoiced, such as fees and levies by the trade register, the real estate register, the Dutch courts and similar agencies. We aim to provide you with an accurate estimate of all foreseeable additional costs at the start of our work.

We know our clients

Our services are subject to the Dutch Act on the prevention of money laundering and terrorism (the “Wwft”). We are therefore required to know our customer and to report certain unusual transactions.The know-your-client checks which we are required to undertake will be completed before we proceed with our work. We will advise you on the information which you will need to provide to us.

General Conditions

We provide all our services subject to our General Conditions.